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Carpathian heirloom garlic. A Rocambole type from the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe


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A Rocambole for those addicted to Porcelains and looking for a smooth transition! Carpathian tends to form 5 to 7 fairly uniform cloves, this feature makes Carpathian a versatile garlic in the kitchen and a favorite for growers.  I’ve also found it to be longer-keeping than the other Rocamboles by a month or so, so you get to enjoy it that much more. One random bulb I had on top of my fridge was rock hard into next June, so who knows, with ideal conditions it's a 12 month garlic, usable in June and July of the next year.

Carpathian, due to its abundance throughout my early years, was my go-to garlic for "sarimsak kebab" (garlic kebab), where I'd roast whole Carpathian bulbs right on the stem, on the edge of a campfire as I busted garlic seed. When the roots are burnt through to black, the bulb is done!

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